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The Air Training Corps

The Air Training Corps (ATC), commonly known as the Air Cadets, is a cadet organisation based in the United Kingdom. 

It is a voluntary youth group which is part of the Air Cadet Organisation and the Royal Air Force (RAF). It is supported by the Ministry of Defense, with a regular RAF Officer, currently Air Commodore Dawn McCafferty, serving as Commandant Air Cadets.

The cadets and the majority of staff are civilians and, although a number of its members do go on to join the RAF or other services, the ATC is not set up as a recruiting organisation. The enrollment age for the Air Training Corps is 13 years and 3 months, however cadets can join at the age of 13 and enter as Junior cadets.

The ATC has almost 41,000 members, aged between 13 to 20 years, within 966 Squadrons. Its cadets are supported by a network of around 10,000 volunteer staff and around 5,000 civilian committee members.