Opportunities in the Air Cadet Organization

Flying & Gliding

All cadets have the opportunity to experience flying at one of the RAF Air Experience Flights.  Cadets fly with experienced military pilots and are given hands on experience of flying one of the modern twin seat training aircraft used to complete the initial training of RAF pilots as well as having some fun and flying aerobatics.  The ATC’s own fleet of gliders, both powered and winch launched, are used to give cadets further flying training.  Cadets complete a structured course and those selected for Gliding Scholarships are trained how to fly the aircraft up to a solo standard if they demonstrate sufficient skill.  Cadets are also eligible for a variety of Flying Scholarships and can also attend courses on microlights, hang-gliding and parachuting.

Drill & Ceremonial

All cadets are issued with an RAF style uniform shortly after joining and are expected to maintain it in a clean and polished condition.  Cadets are also expected to conform to RAF regulations regarding hair cuts and jewelery when in uniform.  All cadets and staff are taught how to drill correctly – marching and saluting are just some of the areas covered.  The ATC then showcases these drill standards when attending Remembrance Day and other local civic parades or when taking part in annual drill competitions and the annual ATC Sunday parade.

Adventure Training

There are many different outdoor activities on offer within the ATC.  Activities on offer include climbing and abseiling, kayaking, obstacle courses, hill walking and many more.  All activities are supervised by nationally qualified adult staff and as such different activities are undertaken more regularly in different squadrons.  There are also adventure training camps run each year where cadets are given the opportunity to meet new people and participate in a wide range of activities – the ATC operates two main adventure training facilities in Windermere and Llanbedr but also makes use of a host of other military and civilian training facilities.

Duke Of Edinburgh Award

The ATC is one of the largest groups involved in the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.  The award has three levels, bronze, silver and gold, each level becoming progressively more challenging and difficult to achieve. Those who volunteer to join the scheme work in four main areas: learning a new skill, completing a volunteering section, completing a physical activity and the unaccompanied expedition.  The award is one of the most popular activities on offer and provides a real challenge and opportunity to develop for all who participate.


Fieldcraft training is both fun and useful. Cadets learn how to build shelters, cook in the field, use a map and compass and keep themselves hidden. Fieldcraft also offers a range of opportunities for leadership training at all levels. Military Skills are also taught to supplement Fieldcraft. Introduction to the knowledge and application of basic military tactics is a skillset that cadets may find interesting if they are considering a career in the Armed Forces.

Target Shooting

The ATC provides opportunities to shoot several different target rifles and air rifles.  All cadets are trained how to handle rifles safely and all shooting takes place on military approved ranges.  Cadets are taught principles of marksmanship and are given coaching to help them gain up to 
four marksmanship badges as their skills improve.


An essential part of learning about our parent organisation, the RAF, is to experience life on an RAF station.  Cadets have the opportunity to attend camps and visit the various different sections, complete work experience in different areas and enjoy a range of different activities with cadets from other squadrons.  For those interested in joining the RAF, camps provide an ideal opportunity to talk to serving personnel and find out more about their chosen career path.  Camps are not just limited to the UK, there are camps available in Gibraltar, Germany and Cyprus, while the International Air Cadet Exchange could take you to one of many different countries.  There are also adventure training camps, music camps and work experience camps in a variety of fields.

Regional Activity Centre

Flight Simulator

The Air Training Corps offers many opportunities and experiences, however it struggles to offer activities to some cadets through lack of staff, facilities or support. To mitigate this, the Corps has established a Regional Activity Centre for each region to introduce and improve opportunities for cadets to experience the range of activities throughout the corps.

North Regions activity centre is based at RAF Linton-on-Ouse and features a flight simulator tailor made for the activity centre. The simulator uses high end hardware and is based on Microsoft Flight Simulator technology, modified by the RAF to give a realistic experience for RAF aircraft ranging from the Grob Tutor flown by cadets during Air Experience Flights, to the Tucano which is a small single prop fast jet trainer. A fully constructed cockpit, authentic controls and a projection system supplement the simulator, allowing cadets to have the most realistic experience possible.

The Regional Activity Centre also accommodates an innovative Air Traffic Control simulator, enabling cadets and staff to experience the challenging task of directing and controlling aircraft. The ATC simulator also features real-time radar feeds, displaying information about actual aircraft flying within a 250 nautical mile radios of RAF Linton-on-Ouse.


Cadets take part in many sports to maintain fitness and compete against other units within the corps. Competitive sports on offer are run at either Squadron, Wing or Region level. Once a year there are trials for each sport in which Squadrons from the same Wing come to compete against each other, with the best team (or players) being chosen to move on to Region, where the process is repeated to decide who will compete at Corps level.

As well as competitive sports, we also play for fun! Here’s a short list of some of the sports we enjoy regularly:

            • Athletics
            • Cross Country
            • Swimming
            • Football
            • Rugby
            • Hockey
            • Netball