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12 Hours and Solo Flight at Tayside Aviation

posted 7 Jul 2011, 06:46 by Joseph McCrudden   [ updated 7 Jul 2011, 16:16 ]

After an intensive two weeks of flying training at Tayside Aviation, Flight Sergeant (FS) Joseph McCrudden completed the Air Cadet Pilot Scheme of which the 12 hours he completed go towards his Private Pilot Licence. 

The training composed of the recognized syllabus by the Civilian Aviation Authority (CAA) from Exercise 1 to Exercise 13 which is completing his Solo Flight. Aircraft handling and also the exam were done covering Air Power, Radio Telephony, Aircraft Mechanicals, Principles of Flight and most importantly Aircraft Emergencies. An instructor commented on the course to be very mind blowing as cadets from no experience of powered flight training apart of the general Gliding Induction Courses and Air Experience Flights, train until fit for solo by the end of the course.

Only a selected few complete this course as it is very demanding. There are also limited funds as to each cadet who completed this cost the Royal Air Force (RAF) a substantial amount of money. FS McCrudden’s aspiration is to be a rotary pilot in the RAF, completing this has enabled him to get closer to his dreams.

FS Joseph McCrudden said “This course has exceeded my expectations as my training has been very enjoyable thanks to the Instructors at Tayside Aviation. I would definitely recommend the Air Cadets to those Interested in Aviation to rise above and beyond after completing this same course”.

(9th - 22nd May 2011)