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Air Cadet Leadership Course

posted 21 Jul 2011, 15:36 by Joseph McCrudden   [ updated 26 Jul 2011, 04:28 ]
The Air Cadet Leadership Course (ACLC) is a highly recognised training course for those cadets who has the standards of up to Sergeant (Sgt) to apply for the course. They are to pass several test phases through a long and stressful week at RAF Cranwell where at the end, they are all to receive a glorious badge to show their experience and leadership standards.

Two cadets were selected and have passed the course exceptionally well. Sgt McCrudden and Sgt Nikpavlovich were the first two cadets to complete this course from 184 Squadron according to our records.

They have shown potential promotion as this has challenged their skills and it has been put into practice. Both have said that the ACLC has been the best and toughest course they have both attended, despite the scorching hot weather they had throughout the week, the early morning jogs before breakfast and early hour inspections. They have thurally enjoyed this course and recomend it to anybody who wishes to apply for the course, this is also a course which would take cadets a step closer or an insight into the Junior Leaders Course.