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Air Rifle Shooting Competition

posted 28 Oct 2011, 06:05 by Zayn Rubbani   [ updated 31 Oct 2011, 18:18 by Joseph McCrudden ]
Four cadets from 184 Squadron competed at an air rifle shooting competition at 162 (Stockport) Squadron. The cadets that took part were Cdt Jenkins, Cdt Khawaja, Cdt Livingstone and Cdt Rubbani. The four cadets were handpicked by Sgt (ATC) Alexander as they fit the criteria required for instance the age group and had already received Squadron Marksman Award. This symbolises their ability to handle, shoot and ability to put the principles of marksmanship to practice.

All four cadets gained over more than 75 points of the possible 100. Cdt Khawaja managed to perfect his part of the competition achieving 100 points, we look forward to the team at some point to use the more advance rifles we offer in the Air Cadet Organisation. This will lead them to achieve a harder Wing, Region or even Corps Marksman Awards.

Each competitor was to firstly fire 20 rounds in 5 round bursts at their target. During the second round of firing, each cadet was given another 20 rounds to fire at will. All four cadets proved to be competent in this weapon as they all achieved a Squadron marksman level again, they all have already been awarded this therefore finished the day with a positive atmosphere of domination and enjoyment.

Sgt (ATC) Alexander said: "these cadets have performed exceptionally well, especially when put into a stressful competition environment. I am proud to say and assume that overall the results which will be released as soon as possible will be positive."

(22 October 2011)