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Carboot Season Begins 2011

posted 7 Jul 2011, 06:49 by Joseph McCrudden   [ updated 7 Jul 2011, 06:50 ]
Every year it has been a tradition that 184 Suqadron run a ten Saturday weekend Car Boot Sale at Broughton Park fields. The first one was very successful both in number of cadets participating and cars which attended. The hot day drained our energy and more than 200 cars pushed through the gates to get their perfect spot on the field early before everyone else did.

The cadets work together elaborately as a team and show leadership and team working skills ensuring that the cars are correctly marshalled onto their pitches and smartly filed in a specific pattern to fit smartly. Cadets from 174 (Greater Manchester) Squadron help out on the weekends as it can get hectic with the numbers but importantly as we are 'brother' squadrons, we almost for certain do a lot of work to benefit each others squadron for intance with Duke of Edinburgh expeditions.

The Civillian Commitee take a big part in running this event behind the scenes of organising the tickets, monies and also the paper works. It is with their efforts that the Car Boot Sale every year happens safely and structured. It is estimated that for each Car Boot Sale we do, we raise over £1000 non-public funds that go straight into 184 Squadron. Recently with the raised monies through time, our squadron had enough to buy and maintain a mini bus which is actively used that play a vital role when our cadets participate in many events.

Good Luck in all the other Car Boots that will be ran this year!

(4th June 2011)