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Easter Camp RAF Halton 2012

posted 8 May 2012, 15:11 by Tyla Grant   [ updated 8 May 2012, 15:31 by Joseph McCrudden ]
On the 28th March 2012 five Cadets and a Flight Sergeant from 184 Squadron set out on what seemed like a never ending journey from Manchester to Buckinghamshire along with 45 other cadets, to spend what turned out to be an amazing week at RAF Halton for Greater Manchester Wing’s Easter camp.

RAF Museum Hendon

Most Air Cadets dream of becoming a part of the RAF and whilst on the base the cadets saw what life would be like as RAF personnel in training. 

Lots of courses we offered on the camp with all of 184’s cadets gaining new qualifications such as swimming proficiencies, marksmanship awards as well as training and qualification on the L98A2 and No 8 riffles.

On Saturday 1st April the cadets went to the RAF museum in Hendon to celebrate the RAF’s 94th birthday. The visit was enjoyable for all especially those cadets who have a love for the history of aviation and aircrafts, in fact they didn't want to leave; until lunch time that is. At about 12pm the staff received a phone call. There were 6 gliding spaces avaible for the cadets to use. Within seconds they were filled, because as expected all the AIR cadets wanted to fly. In the end three cadets from 184 were chosen.

After the flight Cdt Holt said “It was 
amazing, I thought I was going to be sick at one point and when I had control I was really scared but I’d love to do it again.” After the 
flight the cadets got the opportunity to clean the gliders and of course pose for a few pictures.

Towards the end of the week energy levels were down but the passion was still there, every cadet was still having fun, still learning and still looking forward to the night exercise!!
50 cadets, 2 RAF regiment corporals and a whole lot of cam cream equals a night full of laughter and excitement. Often people think of air cadets as teens who just sit looking at planes, little do they know that within each one there’s a secret Ray Mears waiting to burst out and survive in the wilderness. Okay some may say that the trees on the edge of the air field aren't exactly ‘the wilderness’ but still, you get my point. During the Night Exercise cadets had to use all there field craft knowledge including running, camouflaging and orienteering to avoid being seen by the opposition. Needless to say every cadet slept well that night.

In addition to all the activities above, the cadets had the opportunity to visit many other parts of the base including:
  • The RAF police dogs section which is home to Molly, the German shepherd, who has toured in places such as Afghanistan and Iraq. 
  • The Dismounted Close Combat Trainer (DCCT), where they fired a computer simulated version of the L98A2 air cadet rifle with gas powered recoil, when asked cadet walker said “It was like and epic game of COD- but better! The kickback made it feel even more real, I can’t wait to train on the L98A2 now.”
Cadets on the DCCT range

  • The high ropes course, on this the cadets had to trust each other as well as themselves, to conquer fears, and to complete the task set to them which always involved climbing and/or descending from high places.
Camps are just one of the many thing you get to do as an Air cadet and at 184 we like to think that as a cadet you get out of the corps what you put in. This was evident on camp as all of our cadets came back with friends from other squadrons and having gained new qualifications.
All the tired 184 cdts just before the journey home(Photo: Back; Cdt FS McCrudden, Cdt Grant, Cdt Power. Front; Cdt Khawaja, Cdt Holt and Cdt Walker)

The week was concluded with another bum numbing coach ride only this time it was back to rainy Manchester.