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Easter Fieldcraft - Op. Broadsword

posted 7 Apr 2013, 07:19 by Tyla Grant   [ updated 14 Apr 2013, 14:54 ]
"This was the first time I had ever signed up for an 'intense' fieldcraft camp and honestly I thought it was a great decision. I learnt so many things, for example, how to effectively apply camouflage creme so the shadow and shine of your face does not make you visible to the enemy and how to use signals to communicate with your team in the field and not be heard by the enemies.
We also did a lot of missions which mainly involved protecting our team by portroling buildings, making sure they are clear and keeping an eye out for enemies who would take team members who were caught as prisoners! The weekend felt so realistic! It was a taste of what life would be like in the field" - Cdt Cpl McCrudden