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Flight Around The World

posted 18 Feb 2013, 10:15 by Tyla Grant   [ updated 21 Feb 2013, 04:26 ]

On the weekend of 14th – 16th  December 2012, 184 (Manchester South) Squadron embarked on the biggest challenge of the year: The flight around the world.  52 cadets, 7 members of staff, 48 hours, and 1 flight simulator. Flying Officer Warner and CI Elliott came up with the ingenious idea of raising money by simulating a flight around the world without leaving squadron gates.

Friends and family members generously cadets for this task. But not only were 184 cadets sponsored by friends and family they were sponsored by Airbus. A major a leading Aircraft manufacturer and it just so happens they manufacture the Airbus A380 and that was the chosen long haul aircraft of 184 Sqn.

The flight took off at 1800hrs on Friday 14th December, after check in and security checks all cadets sat in the boarding lounge to watch the pre-flight safety video. All steps of the flight experience were planned to precision by cadets and staff for 3months before the flight; meals, flight route and entertainment. The cadets even created the pre-flight safety videos taking inspiration from the staff’s first attempts.

The Security checks were intense and included such questions as “Do you have any energy drinks?” because we all know that energy drinks, cadets and weekends aren’t a good combination. The check in desk was manned by cadets Rigney and Simmons, they were the first step in creating the authentic flight experience.

It was a long and tiresome weekend but 184 as Squadron became closer and staff and cadets integrated.

A live stream showed all action from the flight deck and the media team practiced correct radio communications and procedure from building one to building two. Tweets tweeted, facebook updates were posted and video footage was captured. The media team was very busy.

Highlights of the weekend included CWO McCruddens visit and the terror he caused the media team when he unplugged the router CWO –“WO the internet’s gone down”, WO-“BECAUSE YOU UNPLUGGED IT!!”

Meal times were always a surprise and cadets, the culinary skills of CI Elliott were praised and Cdt Williams even said, and I quote “If he [CI Elliott] ever fails as in his current career cookery, is always an option”

The weekend was a thrilling and innovative, all cadets gained life skills and participated in an event some squadrons can only achieve of doing.

“Over the weekend cadets showcased many different skills during the 48hours and they all worked together to land an airbus A380 multiple times, I am extremely proud of my cadets an hope to for something like this again in the near future” – Flying Officer Warner