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Forever Learning

posted 7 Jun 2012, 07:07 by Tyla Grant
We are all aware of the rate technology advancing and so in the Air Training Corps; we thought we ought to catch up from using the standards paper examinations to Ultilearn. 

Ultilearn is the new way that cadets are able to sit and learn subjects and also take exams that contribute to their classification.  This is from Leading Classification, to the new Master Cadet Classification which has replaced the 'Staff Part 1' scheme. On that note, the standard 'Staff Part 2' is ran as it was with a more restructured scheme known as the 'Cadets Method of Instruction Course' (CMOIC).

It is important for cadets to advance in their classification ladder as the array of activities available to cadets demand a minimum form of criteria, for instance a training weekend course may depend on their classification and even age. 
Qualifications Available in the Air Training Corps
So why did we change? Apart from the fact that this method is environmentally friendly, using the computer enabled an almost one to one method of learning "in their own time" and by using set PowerPoint’s the cadets learn at their own pace, with additional help available from the staff. This has led to having a higher pass rate from our unit. Finally when the cadets do not get the opportunity to sit an exam due to unforeseen circumstances or even fails, under the old exam method the next chance would have been three months away but now an exam can be taken at a time convenient to both the cadet and the unit 

Changing exam format has proven successful for the cadets of 184 Sqn so far. For instance in Cdt Jenkins' case, he had two exams to sit before he could gain his leading qualification. Under the old format it would have taken him at least 6months but using Ultilearn, it took him a week of dedication and a parade night to pass the examination.

This goes to show that even are HQAC (Head Quarters Air Cadets) is capable of 'getting down with the kids' and through this, 'the sky really is the limit'.