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Gliding Induction Course

posted 24 Feb 2013, 12:06 by Tyla Grant
By Cdt Mansouri

Where to start? Today I completed the first section of my GIC (Gliding Induction Course), which was instrument appreciation at RAF Ternhill. It was an amazing experience and it's a fantastic thing to do instead of sleeping in on a Sunday.

The day started of with a briefing about the weather conditions, then we put on our coveralls and did a quick safety check and we were all ready to soar through the sky. Lift off was when the realisation that I'm actually in an aircraft and I'm gliding kicked in! The view from above was amazing even though it was only country side. During the flight I got to take control; lifting the nose of the plane down and up again and keeping it in balance. Jordan, my instructor also did some sharp turns to the left and right. But sadly time flew by really quickly and it was time to land but it hasn't stopped there for me, doing GIC is the starting point to my Gliding scholarship which i'm excitedly awaiting! I would say that this was the best experience I have had so far in Air Cadets having joined only 5 months ago but I am sure that there are many more to come!