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L98 A2 - Marksmanship Competition

posted 27 Feb 2013, 15:02 by Tyla Grant
By Cdt Cpl McCrudden
  • The L98 competition happens yearly and this year I was chosen for the team, which only contains 3 people. The journey to Shawbury was about an hour and a half but time flew because I met a lot of new people who I spoke to the whole way.

    We got split into groups for shooting and I was in group 3, and since I was in the media team that gave me some time to take some pictures and socialise more with the other cadets... and eat more food.

    When it was my groups turn it was good because I'm the type of cadet who loves this sort of thing and it was great! First we fired 5 rounds grouping so we could adjust the sight for our rifles and soon after we continued on with the competition which was trying out for a Corps Marksman Qualification which you had to get 103 points to get.

    During the afternoon WO Barrows started selling hot dogs which was very amazing because it was so cold! (FYI if you plan on going shooting in the future, then make sure you wrap up!)

    After a long day if shooting and takings lots of beautiful photos it was time for safety checks and as I said "i have no live rounds or empty cases in my possession sir", I knew that my day at RAF Shawbury was over.

Me, Firing the L98A2