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May Part 3

posted 15 Jun 2013, 00:20 by Tyla Grant

The weather had begun to pick up, and with prefect timing, as the cadets and staff had a weekend full off shooting ahead of them.

Saturday, Wing shoot, 9 of 184 cadets and two staff members travelled to RAF Shawbury. Entertainment on route was provided by Sergeant (ATC) Aldred who showcased his Spanish skills whilst singing the macarana. It was a long journey and bound to be an even longer day so most cadets opted for a nap on the way… Then the ‘vengabus ’ arrived, any energy acquired from the nap was spurted out as we showed RCO for the day, Flt Lt Lee Moore, how much ‘We like to party’.

Cadets were re-qualified on the L98A2 GP Rifle and some even gained wing and region marksmanships.

There are only so many times you can bare to listen to the Vengaboys and the Macarena and that amount was greatly exceed on the Saturday so a new CD was in order for Sundays trip to the Shot gun range at Holcombe Moore Cadet training center.

Our staff had qualified to teach us and be safety supervisors in April, so decided to put there newly acquired skills to use and take cadets to the range. For many this was the first experience they’d had of firing a weapon of any sort.

Cadets Walker and Akmal alongside Cdt Cpls Slater and Flynn formed the ‘PSG’ (Phils Shooting Group) named after its creator Cdt Cpl Phil Flynn. These guys were by far the best shooters, the staff were amazed by Akmals ability to demonstrate the marksmanship principles and hit over 80% of his clays especially as he has never fired anything before!

Whilst the shooters had a banging weekend, the Cdt Cpl Rekke and Cdt Sigh Hayer spent the weekend on Greater Manchester Wing’s Junior Non Commissioned Officer course to prepare them to be corporals and to develop the skills needed to be an effective one. Cadet Sigh Hayer was awarded the best cadet in her flight and many staff commented on what a good role model she is. No emojis could describe how she felt at that point in time.