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Officer Commanding's Half Yearly Inspection

posted 7 Jul 2011, 14:59 by Joseph McCrudden   [ updated 7 Jul 2011, 19:13 ]
This evening was not just an ordinary CO's Inspection, It is the half yearly Inpection which is quite self explanitary. The Suadron currently is in a good shape from the administrative side to the actual cadets and their standards of dress and attitude.

Everyone performed well in impressing the CO as he spoke very highly of all the cadets, as a developing squadron the will be room for improvement. Now the aim of all the cadets are to fill their brassards and jumpers for when winter comes to wear it with pride as an experienced Air Cadet representing 184!

There was a cadet who put time and effort in what he does and through a flight point system of attendance in many events, Cdt Khawaja was announed to be the best cadet of July 2011. There are many more cadets just trailing behind him and should continue their great efforts in becoming the best cadet of the month as everyone can do it.

"The more you put in, the more you will get out"

(4th July 2011)