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TS Royalist

TS ROYALIST is the Sea Cadet Corps flag ship. Cdt Sgt Khawaja and I were chosen to go on-board with for a week with other organisations. These included the Police cadets, Army cadets, Marine cadets, Boys brigade, and more.


On the first day we were given our ‘watches’ and told what they involved.  I was a forward starboard. That mean I stood at the front right of the ship ready to use the ropes. We didn't sail on the first day/night due to high winds and we needed to learn the ropes!


On the first night it was pretty hard to get into bed as it was quite high up and the boat would not stop rocking. We even got  a bed time story from the boatswain (AKA Mum for the week). The boatswain woke us up in the morning with music at around half six in the morning. The crewmen had to get up and ready a bit faster then everyone else because they had to get the table ready for breakfast. Each cadet had a go at being crewmen at least once in that week. The food was delicious and the cook was very lovely!


On the second day we had to get out harnesses on because they were showing us how to climb the masts. After a long day on the ship the sailing master let us have offshore leave in Weymouth Bay. By this time we already met each other and every person on the ship. It was amazing and funny to be with them and during the whole week.  


On the third day at around 8am we sailed off shore. After a few hours of being on the water about 90% of the people on the ship were sea sick! We couldn’t help ourselves as the ship was rocking very heavily. Through the night it was rocking, but we all started to get use to it and no one got sea sick the next day! Since we were sailing through the night, we had to get the watches up group by group every 2 hours. This was to keep an eye out for any other ships or objects or if the ropes needed to be changed. The best part about that was having ago on the helm, I did accidentally face the ship towards land at one point but the helmsmen was next to me to help me afterwards then I started to get the hang of it after a while.


On the fourth day, during the afternoon we had to stop at Portland port due to a cadet emergency! But every one was glad to be on shore and go have a shower and to be able to walk in a straight line without being rocked by the sea. While we stopped the watchmen used the time well by showing us how to tidy the ropes and sails so the ship doesn’t get into a mess. They also showed us a few knots that we needed to know.


It’s great when you’re sat there with all your friends having a laugh while learning something It was pretty fun because I did struggle with a few knots but having other people there to help you was pretty good. At this time we have reached Salcombe and were very close to out final destination – Dartmouth! While we were in Salcombe the Captain decided to stop over and have a nice day on the beach and to go for a swim. It’d been sunny all week and the sailing master has been happy with the behavior on the ship. After the nice day on the beach we all got off shore leave to have showers and have a look around. The place looked amazing and everyone just couldn't wait to have a shower since we haven’t had one in two days!


 The next morning we sailed again for the last time before reaching Dartmouth! It was a calm gentle sea and was nice since it was our last sail. The Captain told us to have a rest and have a little picnic on the deck. It was nice and chilled and all of us were just sat there talking away taking as many pictures as we could. It was just a nice lovely day. Whilst sailing into Dartmouth the chilling time was over. We had to get up and take over the ropes to start getting ready to get back on shore.


The best thing about TS Royalist was meeting all the people including the staff. Even though it was only a week, we all got close after a few minutes. Having an opportunity to go on a ship and learn the ropes was brilliant, it’s what sail is all about. Have a go at the helm and climbing the mast was an amazing opportunity and its something I’d love to have another go with and earn my second badge – Sea man badge 2! 

I'd like to thank Youth United for funding this Voyage.


Cdt Cpl McCrudden