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The First step to the Nijmegen Hell March

posted 7 Jul 2011, 06:42 by Joseph McCrudden   [ updated 7 Jul 2011, 17:04 ]
R.A.F WARMA is a 50 mile March in 2days which took place at DCAE Cosford, the walk was a qualifier to to Nijmegan March in Holland that requires the completion of 100 miles in 4 days. The walk was long and hard but together as a team they pulled through, most of the team members said by the end "that was amazing".

Four cadets from 184 Squadron was selected to attended this march; Sgt Mccrudden, Sgt Nikpavlovich, Cpl Merriman and Cdt Wilson. They all had a great time and share the experience now to all the other cadets from 184 Squadron. They all successfully completed the march and were awarded medals that show their efforts, pain and the mental capability to carry on until the end. Cpl Merriman said "im glad to say everyone did it and we got an awesome medal!".

Cpl Merriman and Sgt Mccrudden made the Nijmegen team of 10 cadets with 2 Staff. The selection was based on how the RAF Warma went and how each person coped with the harsh environment. they will go forward to not only represent 184 Squadron but the Air Cadets as from the British Contingent.

Good luck to both of you,

(April 2011)