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The Nijmegen International Four Day March

posted 26 Jul 2011, 12:37 by Joseph McCrudden   [ updated 28 Jul 2011, 04:22 ]
After an estimated number of 12 Months hard training marches across Macclesfield and completing the Cosford WARMA 50 mile march. Two Cadets from 184 Squadron; Cadet Sergeant McCrudden and Corporal Merriman made it into the Nijmegen Team. They travelled by coach at an overseas station 'Heumensoord' to join the British Contingent to complete the 100 mile Nijmegen March in Four day. This every year commences on a Tuesday and finishes on a Friday.

Only ten cadets are selected upon completion of the RAF Warma Qualifier march with the assistance from two staff member and thanks to CI Connolly and Pilot Officer Warner, both successfully pushed the team with prior training that led to the great result of no one failing. To complete the Nijmegen march there are three main things a cadet must have; one of which is the physical ability to complete it, the second is the mental capability to push them self further than what they can, and finally the ability to have a high morale attitude at any point to progress and complete the march as a team.

It may seem a little suicidal to complete this event although millions and millions of both military and civilian personnel from all over the world meet at Holland to complete, participate and even support the largest marching event held every year. The British Military Contingent takes part in uniform and as such represents Her Majesty's Armed Forces in a foreign country, with all the attendant requirements for maintaining the highest standards of conduct, dress, bearing and discipline at all times, both on and off the march.

Congratulations to the team and especially to the two who represented 184 Squadron and good luck for the many years to come for those other cadet who will follow the footsteps of those who have completed it.
(16th-22nd July 2011)