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Wing Shoot!

posted 31 Jul 2011, 17:09 by Joseph McCrudden   [ updated 23 Apr 2012, 17:18 ]
Cadets from East Cheshire and South Manchester Wing held a Wing Shoot at MOD Sealand to shoot the cadet general purpose rifle L98 A2 from 100m, 200m and 300m away. There were 6 cadets from 184 Squadron who attended to practice their marksmanship skills and put it into test if their groupings are enough to gain marksman's.
                                                (Shooting Range 200m away)

All 6 also passed their Weapons Handling Test (WHT); cadets must pass this and must re-qualify every 6 months from the day completed. This is to enhance safety in the range that correct procedures are followed. Cadet Sergeant McCrudden gained a Corps Marksman badge that means he has demonstrated great skills to achieve a high standard of shooting by putting marksmanship principles into practice.
                               (Cadet Flight Sergeant McCrudden practicing his rifle drills)
The purpose of these shooting days is to practice the marksmanship principles from breathing to positioning, understanding the weapon by passing the tests, and finally but also the most important is the knowledge to clean every single working part of the weapon. These are all drills that are part of discipline and confidence when in use. Cdt Issan, Cdt Wilson and Cpl Merriman throughout the day fired plenty of rounds and are training to achieve a higher marksman than what they have already got.  

 (CFS McCrudden putting the rifle back together) (Cpl Merriman and Cdt Wilson cleaning the L98 A2)   

Overall the day was enjoyed by all as the cadets as they also got to see their other friends from different squadrons, everyone enjoys the competition but also the friendly assistance between the cadets who are competent with the weapon and those who aren't. At the end of the day everyone had a chance to fire, pass the test and for some gain their completed marksman awards.
(30 July 2011)