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Wing Sporting Sucess

posted 21 Mar 2013, 13:15 by Tyla Grant
By Cdt Cpl Grant

After trails and training sessions 6 cadets from 184 were chosen to play for Greater Manchester’s Junior Netball and rugby teams.

Cdts Agathogoli (GS) , Singh Hayer (WA/WD) and Yeates (C), played for the junior netball team and all were invited to try out for the regional team. For Cdts Signh Hayer and Yeates this was the first time they had played netball at wing level and they both thoroughly enjoyed the experience. “Apparently I was good at intercepting!” Cdt Singh Hayer. She later went on to express her happiness about being selected for the regional team try outs with a shriek to put the en-sign whistle to shame!

Not forgetting about the junior ruby team players from 184Sqn; Cdt Cpl Khawaja, Cdt Walker and Cdt Quinn. Greater Manchester Wing came 2nd and both Cdt Cpl Khawaja and Cdt Walker were invited to regional team try outs, despite the fact at 11pm the night before Cdt Walker didn't have a consent form!

As you can see, 184 is a squadron full of amazing sporting talent, cadets take part in sports they wouldn't usually do and most discover a new talent.