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Wing Training Weekend Feb-13

posted 5 Feb 2013, 12:33 by Tyla Grant   [ updated 21 Feb 2013, 04:27 ]
From 1st - 3rd of February the cadets attended a wing Training weekend at Swynnerton. All of the cadets had a choice of what course they would like to take, some of the courses included: 
ICTC (initial cadet training course)
Adult First Aid
Junior NCO course
Senior NCO course 
No. 8 Training

Cdt McCormack - I, Cadet McCormack and some others from 184 Took part in No. 8 Training, the course was good and gave us the opportunity to meet people, be trained on the No 8. Riffle as well as pass our WHT (weapon handling tests) meaning we can now fire the No. 8 and be trained on the L98A2. I think it was defiantly worth doing as I can also work towards my marksman badges which show my execution of marksmanship principles.

Cdt Wright - I took part in the course ICTC which I found to be very informative. It helped me make new friends, develop my leadership and presentation skills and consolidate information about the ATC. The highlight of my weekend was coming away as the highest scoring cadet on the course, so overall I have had a brilliant weekend and can't wait for my next camp. 
For my leadership task we had a spider web made from rope which was a burning building, I had to get all my team through it without touching the rope and we had to use different holes every time. I found it challenging as you had to make decisions under pressured circumstances and perform it to the best of your ability in the end we completed the task successfully.

Cdt Mansouri - This was my first ever camp and I can honestly say that I had a good time! I made lots of new friends and I will probably always remember them as my first camp buddies. Also, all the staff were really nice especially Pilot officer Roberts who said 184 are ninja's with polishing our parade shoes and our shoes are always the best.
I enjoyed the whole content of ICTC as I made friends with everyone really quickly this made the course more relaxed when doing group work. We did some drill practice and 1 flight (my flight) won the competition and my group came 2nd out of 6 for presentation skills. We also learnt the structure of the ATC and the core values. It was good to go over all the things that I had learnt when I first started as it refreshed everything.

Cdt Cpl Grant – This WTW I took part in JNCO, it’s a course for corporals and potential corporals to develop and learn about the many aspect of being a Junior Non – Commissioned Officer. Over the weekend I learnt SO many new things, and developed my existing skills. During the weekend reports were written about us, it includes the results of our assessments. On Sunday we were assessed on our ability to give drill commands, uniform standards, communication skills and we also had a ‘theory’ test which tested subjects including, cadet welfare, ATC structure, ATC history and basic ATC knowledge. 
Over the weekend I found myself in lessons which were both engaging and informative. The instructors had a passion for their subject and the flight CWO’s (Cadet Warrant Officer’s) helped their cadets with any problems they may have had and offered advice based on their personal experience.
The highlight of my weekend would have to be marching my flight to the parade square whilst passing officers. I was complimented on my drill voice and a fellow cadet even stated “you’re a girl, that’s not possible?! Are you sure there must be something unnatural under your skirt” I assure you, there is nothing unnatural under my skirt.

Camps are one of the many things you get to do as an air cadet. The main purpose of a WTW is to train you to become a better cadet and to learn life skills, with the added bonus of social time allowing you to make friends from across the Wing.

By Cdt McCormack Bre, Cdt Wright, Cdt Mansouri and Cdt Cpl Grant